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Reduce incoming spam

To help reduce the amount of spam that you receive, you should do the following in Plesk 12+.

  1. Click on Tools & Settings, then choose Mail Server Settings.
  2. Enable "Switch on SPF spam protection".
  3. In the SPF checking mode section, select "Reject mail when SPF resolves to "fail" (deny)
  4. Enable "Switch on spam protection based on DNS blackhole lists"
  5. In the DNS zones for DNSBL service field, enter the following:;


If spam continues to be a problem, try enabling greylisting. Greylisting works by temporarily refusing email from an unknown sender. Legitimate mail servers will attempt to redeliver the message for a considerable amount of time before giving up and returning the message as undeliverable. Spamming mail servers often do not retry rejected messages so greylisting is very effective against them. The downside to greylisting is that it will delay some of your incoming mail.

To enable greylisting, click on Tools & Settings, then Spam Filter Settings.

Enable "Switch on server-wide greylisting spam protection"