Linux Commands

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Linux Commands

Follow the below links for some useful Linux commands (with examples).

Please note that this is intended to merely be a quick reference. If you need complete and thorough documentation, see the links in the reference section.

awk - manipulate text

dhclient - manage DHCP

chmod - change permissions on files or directories.

chown - change file or directory owner.

cp - copy files or folders

crontab - configure scheduled tasks

dig - Domain Name System Information Groper (lookup DNS information)

find - Find files

grep - GNU Regular Expression Parser (find strings of text in files)

git - Software repository and version control

ip - manage IP addresses and such (replaces ifconfig... more or less)

mtr - (use instead of traceroute)

netstat - provides information about the network connection and activity

rsync - file copying utility (remote sync)

screen - manages multiple virtual terminal screens on one physical screen

sed- parse and edit text

SSH - Securely connect to a remote computer.

tar - Create and manage tar archive files.

vim - Command line text editor.

xargs - build a command from standard input

zcat - view zipped files without un-zipping them