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SRV records define a service for DNS. These are often used with Office 365, or if you use Outlook/hotmail for your domains e-mail.

The information you will need:

_Service._Proto.Name. TTL Class SRV Priority Weight Port Target


Type         SRV
Service      _sip
Protocol    _tls
Port          443
Weight        1
Priority      100
TTL           1 Hour (3600 seconds)

The record looks like this: _sip._tls 3600 SRV 100 1 443 <-Pay attention to the trailing "."


Some hosts support @ as the hostname. WHM does not. If a request comes in like Name: @ replace the @ with the name of the domain they are requesting the record be created for.

WHM also doesn't have fields for Service or Protocol when creating an SRV record. Put the service into the "Name" field in WHM, followed by the protocol (separated by a period.)
For our example data above, you would enter the following in the name field in WHM: _sip._tls


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